Blood Red Parrot Cichlid Fish Care In Home Aquarium

Blood Red Parrot Cichlid Fish Care In Home Aquarium
The Blood Red Parrot cichlids, otherwise called Bloody Parrots or Blood Red Parrots, are a new hybrid species created in Taiwan during the 1980s. Regardless of being a disputable species, they rapidly wound up acknowledged because of their peaceful personality and ability to live in a community tank.

Breeding Convict cichlids, Red Devils, Midas, Red Head, or Gold and Green Severus created this species. We can perceive the hybrids through their extraordinary features a round body,

and a bill like head with large eyes.

Their mouths remain open in a constant "O," and their teeth are where it counts in their throats, so they cannot battle and would prefer to find one another.

Females mostly grow up to 6-7 inches, and males are larger around 7-8 inches.

In very large tanks, some Bloody Parrots up to 10 inches, yet this is entirely uncommon.


The base tank recommended for a Red Parrot is the 30-gallons with an extra 10-gallons for every other one.

No tank can be excessively large, as they need a lot of swimming space.

Hiding places are an unquestionable requirement for these fish, so make sure there are a lot of caverns, mud pots, bits of driftwood, or rocks.

Yet take into account large open swimming spaces too.

Water pH ought to be between 6.5-7.4, and the temperature ought to be between 76-80° Fahrenheit.


Suitable tankmates for the Red Parrot Cichlids are normally more youthful Oscars, Severus or other peaceful cichlids of a similar size, like Flag cichlids or Fire mouths.

Different friends incorporate angelfish, silver dollars, or Bala sharks, with some catfish, plecostomusand loaches additionally acknowledged and even ignored.

See that the community tank is large enough or the Blood Red Parrots becomes regional.

And look to annoy other fish.

Watch out for your community tank now and again.

The Red Parrots are relatives of aggressive guardians.

Despite this, they are typically bashful and peaceful fish, yet may build up a mean streak.

Giving great filtration is basic, as these cichlids produce a lot of waste.


A well-balanced diet is key to having healthy fish,

other than keeping water in great condition.

These fish mostly eat anything they can fit in their mouths, as they are omnivorous feeders.

They particularly love freeze-dried, frozen, and live food.

However, saltwater shrimp should just give as an intermittent bite.

As a base diet,

You can feed them amazing pieces or pellets figured for cichlids.

Live feeder fish can likewise bolster, with guppies being a suitable feeder fish and stay away from goldfish no matter what.

Still, it may not be such a smart thought to continually get new fish,

as they may bear diseases or illnesses that may influence your set up the tank.

Given their distorted mouths, owners must make sure,

they are to be sure bolstered, as this makes it hard for them to seek food.


Absence of appropriately sufficient hiding places, together with poor water quality, uncovered the blood-red Parrots to great pressure.

Which will influence their safe system.

The primary illness they are presented to is Ich, which blossoms with vulnerable fish, helping it spread.

On the off chance that you see any indications of Ich, higher the aquarium temperature slowly until achieving 86° Fahrenheit,

and keep it now for three days.

On the off chance that this does not work, you can treat the Ich with copper-based synthetic compounds, yet make sure there are no water conditioners left.

They are likewise inclined to Swim Bladder issues because of a less than stellar eating routine.

And can create Stress Spots when abrupt changes occur in the tank or the fish are being tormented, stressed, or ill.


Blood Red Parrots like security, in this manner a lot of dirty pots and surrenders are an absolute necessity in their tank. They are very peaceful and energetic fish that have a pleasant association between them, just as with other fish swimming around.

They perceive their owners and come to welcome them at the front of the tank. Many aquarists recommend the Blood Red Parrots for large community tanks with peaceful, yet dynamic, set-ups.


As they are hybrid fish, they mate with other non-hybrid fish.

For example, Convicts, Severus, and Midas, yet don't create any posterity when bred inside the species.

The female can lay eggs, yet the male can't prepare them, so this is the reason non-hybrid fish males are important to help propagate the species.

Having this inquisitive hybrid fish in your tank animates the aquarium and creates a wonderful view. Keep only them or with other peaceful fish in open set-ups.

and you will have a pleasant and calm friend to watch.

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