Bumblebee Goby Aquarium Fish Care Tips For Beginners

Bumblebee Goby Aquarium Fish Care Tips For Beginners
We also know bumblebee Gobies as Brachygobius xanthozona, these are the fish we will discuss. Some of you may purchase a Bumblebee goby, so this is an ideal spot to get educated about these fish before getting a few. We will discuss their diet, breeding, requirements and many different subjects concerning these fish. Keep perusing to get familiar with such data.

Naturally, these fish are found in Indonesia and Thailand. Where they are normally found in waterways and streams, in which the water is of bitter and has many hiding spots.

Now, let's start the main topic: How do you care for a Bumblebee goby?


These are little aquarium species of bottom-dwelling fish. The size of these fish can be 1 cm when you get them, and the size of grown-up Bumblebee gobies can reach up to the most extreme 4 cm. As should be obvious from their name, they are shaped like a honeybee with dark and yellow stripes. To differentiate female Bumblebee gobies from a male, you have to analyze their shading as male ones are brighter. Male gobies are slimmer than female gobies.

These fish have great behavior. At first, they may be bashful, yet after some time they will show their whole frame of mind. Male gobies are regional, and they will promptly take their territory in a tank. They may show a little aggressiveness regarding their domain, however, it all that much.


For Bumblebee goby you need a tank sized at least 10 gallons. You ought to furnish them with the substrate which will enable these fish to move uninhibitedly and even burrow the substrate sometimes. You should keep the temperature in the tank between 23-26 C degrees. The pH level in the tank ought to be between 6.5 and 7.5, and the hardness of the water ought to be between 143-357 ppm. Also, the KH level ought to be somewhere close to 6-20.

As these fish frequently vie for food, it will not honey bee great to keep them in a community tank. The aquarium ought to dependably be filtered yet keep the filter on a low level. The tank ought to have many plants, rocks and many places for hiding. As these species of fish are bashful, they need a spot where they can cover up and be distant from everyone else.


These fish more often than not do well in the community, so it may be smarter to keep them in a solitary species aquarium. Also, these fish like to be in gatherings it is smarter to keep them in a gathering of 6-7. They are not aggressive fish, and you can keep them with different species, ideally with non-bottom-dwelling species. Make sure not to keep them with such species that can eat them, as they are excessively little.


Feeding Bumblebee goby is the hardest piece of keeping them, as it is precarious to feed them. They like to eat whatever that is gliding near. So you can't feed them with food that buoys on the surface of the water, like chips. They enjoy eating live food just like frozen food. The best choice is saltwater shrimp and blood worms if you can have them in the tank that would be great. As they possibly eat food when it is moving, else they will disregard it.


Breeding these fish is again not the least demanding undertaking, yet, it is conceivable under the right conditions. They lay eggs in a little clay tube, in shells or window boxes. When you see that the female Bumblebee gobies are increasingly swollen and the males have a brighter shading, this implies they are prepared to mate. To help the way toward mating, you can include freshwater into the aquarium. The female lays 100-200 eggs and leaves them so the male can monitor the eggs. You can move the eggs to another tank to let the sea survive. The hatching time frame keeps going from 7 to 9 days.


Bumblebee Goby
One of the best advantages of these fish is that they are very peaceful. Unlike many other fish species that probably won't coexist with one another, bumblebee gobies are peacefully contrasted with different species.

Likewise, Bumblebee gobies are a beautiful expansion to the aquarium, as they have a beautiful shading. Particularly with their dark and gold stripes, that come from head to tail.

Although these are a peaceful fish species, they can likewise be very amusing to watch.

As they are a very dynamic sort of fish. Unlike many fish,

they are brimming with character.

Also, the last reason that we recommend getting Bumblebee gobies is their similarity with different spineless creatures.

In this way, as we can understand from all the previously mentioned data Bumblebee gobies are not so natural to look after,

however, they don't require extraordinary exertion too.

Create a required situation for them,

and everything will work out fine.

They will add a colorful look to your tank.

So now you are all around educated about these species,

and can undoubtedly get some Bumblebee gobies for your aquarium.

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