What Is Under Gravel Filter And How Does It Work

What Is Under Gravel Filter And How Does It Work
The under gravel filter is a filtration system wherein gravel a filter. The gravel can be a decent filtration material,

particularly if there is a considerable layer, above 5 cm in stature, of gravel.

The gravel gives mechanical and biological filtration to the tank if the aquarium is well-cycled.


The under gravel filter comprises a rectangular framework (most cases plastic, however, can likewise be made of conjoined pipes with openings) associated with a pipe for water flow.

The under gravel filter is set at the bottom of the fish tank.

Directly on the tank's glass, and after that, the gravel is set over the filter.

The under gravel filter uses the gravel as filtration media,

subsequently giving mechanical and biological filtration since the helpful microbes more often than not make settlements on items, rather than coasting around in the water like the pernicious kinds; The gravel is ideal for tremendous states of helpful microscopic organisms.

The filtration is made by coursing the water from the under gravel filter once again into the aquarium.

The under gravel filter has small openings through which water advances into the filter and uses the air or water pump to drive the water up and return it over into the fish tank.

The opposite end can be submerged. Along these lines, the water experiences the "cleaning" microbes that change over smelling salts and nitrites to nitrates, which are less destructive.


The under gravel filters are normally made to be used with pneumatic machines. Since air is lighter than water, it pushes the water up the filter pipe and again into the aquarium.

With the end goal for this to work appropriately, the air tubing ought to be set down the pipe to create a water stream.

Using a pneumatic machine is increasingly viable on littler tanks rather than large ones.

The under gravel filter is sometimes used with a water pump (control head),

which when accurately put in the upper end of the pipe of the under gravel filter,

creates a greater water stream, along these lines, increasingly viable filtration.

A water pump is additionally required when an under gravel filter is used in an outside pond.

Since the pond is very enormous with the home aquarium, a solid powerhead is used to make ebb and flow of water that experiences the gravel.

When you use under a gravel filter for your koi pond,

An extra holding divider ought to be underwater so the gravel keeps its shape and tallness to be a decent filtration material.

The setup is the equivalent first; you spot down the under gravel filter matrix, at that point, you put the gravel on it.

When everything is associated and the water pump is turned on, the water is drawn towards the gravel,

sucked through the little gaps of the under gravel filter matrix and returned.

By burning the water through the gravel that has provinces of gainful microscopic organisms, you are achieving mechanical and biological filtration.


The under gravel filter isn't as successful as other filtration systems when used as an independent filter.

It may be useful enough for small fish tanks,

however, for greater tanks, it might be used as an extra filtration.

Likewise, note that the under gravel filter does not give compound filtration, which is a very significant piece of the filtration procedure.

Therefore, to have concoction filtration in your tank, you would require extra things.

On the off chance that your under gravel filter works in like manner, the water is clear and the fish look healthy and cheerful.

If the water creates shading and the fish end up diseased, think about extra filtration sources,

particularly compound filtration.


The gravel is filling the role of the filtration material and, as you probably are aware, that material ought to be cleaned now and then like any kind of filtration material.

The most ideal approach to clean your gravel is by using a gravel cleaner.

By siphoning the gravel, all the flotsam and jetsam and natural waste develop goes down the channel into a container.

When the gravel is clean, your filtration material is prepared to be used once more.


For little sized fish tanks, an under gravel filter may work for you fine and dandy.

Yet on the off chance that you have a large tank,

at that point using an under gravel filter might be extra to your primary filtration.

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