Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care Tips For Beginners

Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care
Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care - If you are looking for a new species for the fish tank, then Malaysian trumpet snails are a perfect addition for any shrimp tank

These snails look exquisite, and you can buy them in any aquarium store. 

These snails will help prevent gas build-ups in the substrate and also help the aquarium from re-cycling because of a lack of bios-load. 

Snails will not overpopulate a tank unless overfeeding occurs. 

All the things you need to know about these snails found in this article that helps you to care for these snails.

Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care Is Easy

We can divide strumpet Snail care into 2-3 areas: shell size, tank size, water parameters, diet, lifespan, and multiplication. 

As a self-evident truth, Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care is so easy, 

we view it as a decent snail for beginners.

The Lifespan and Behavior of Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Malaysian Trumpet Snails live around one year They can survive longer under the correct conditions, and with a spot of karma? 

If a Malaysian Trumpet Snail kicks the bucket over the substrate, it will lie unmoving on the bottom of the tank. 

If it bites the dust while covered, we may not see it until they work the substrate up. Its great practice to expel dead occupants from tanks to avoid water quality issues.

A few hobbyists leave avoid these snails shells in the tank, giving their minerals a chance to disintegrate over into the aquarium water. 

These are species of tropical freshwater snails, and as they are very versatile and found in Asia, Africa, Turkey, and in other places in the world. 

Malaysian Trumpet Snails have long shells that look like frozen treats. These snails are born very little and can grow up to the size of an inch. 

Female snails are larger than male ones. The color of the shells shifts from dark to darker and can also have a few examples. 

These snails like many snails are very peaceful. 

They burn through most of their sort at the bottom of the tank to finding food during the light time, and when the lights go off, they come up. But now, and then they show movement during the hour of feeding.

Suitable Tank And Water For Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care

The Malaysian Trumpet Snails don’t need a lot, and caring for them is the same as different snails. 

You can keep them either in small or in large tanks; they can live in every size of water space. 

But don’t put an excessive number of snails or fish together in a little aquarium as they also need space to live. 

Use the best filters for these snails. 

Filters don’t be a lot of incredible as the snails can get trapped in the filter and kick the bucket. 

So either pick a not all that ground-breaking filter with something that can guard the snails.

The temperature in the tank ought to be 21°C-27°C (70°F–80°F). The lighting ought to be standard aquarium lighting, and the pH ought to be between 7 and 8. 

Test the tank water, 

it is critical to keep the levels of Ammonia and Nitrite at 0 ppm. 

Avoid copper as it very well may be lethal, and be careful while using a few meds for plant growth they can be harmful to the snails.
  • Tank pH: 7.0–7.5 with water on the hard side
  • Water Temperature: 70–78 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lighting: Standard community tank lighting
Tank Mates These snails are very peaceful so their tank neighbors ought to also be peaceful. 

They can coexist well with different snails, for example, Gold Inca Snails, Mystery Snails, Ivory Snails, and others. 

They can also coexist with filter-feeding shrimps and with shrimps eating algae, like Vampire shrimps and others. 

So Malaysian Trumpet Snails can have tank mates are like them, those that are not aggressive and are as peaceful as they are. 

Also, avoid keeping them with snail-eating fish. But if you need to buy these snails as food for other fishes than it isn’t recommended to feed. 

The shell of Malaysian Trumpet Snails is hard and can break the teeth of the puffer.

Shell Size and Color

Malaysian Trumpet Snails have elongated shells that look like a sugar cone. 

The shells seem to grow in rings as they twirl up from the summit. 

Shells can be strong or have designs with colors going from darker, dim, and rich white.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails start life very little. Under the correct conditions, 

they can grow to about an inch long from zenith to opening. 

At their broadest point, their shells can be about the distance across a pencil eraser. 

Malaysian Trumpet Snails need Calcium for healthy shell growth, so make sure calcium is available in their diets.


Now, the biggest question is what eats Malaysian trumpet snails, and will Malaysian trumpet snails eat plants? 

These snails don’t eat plants, 

also, they will not go after food with different occupants of the aquarium. 

Usually, sometimes they go up to the surface to discover food there. 

They are great aquarium cleaners as they eat every one scrap; they even eat dead fish. 

If there are no flotsam and jetsam left in the aquarium, feed them by business beds. To feed them, 

kill the filter and drop the beds.


Malaysian Trumpet Snails don’t lay eggs, but they breed fast and in large numbers. 

Hotter water and more food create a superior domain for breeding. 

If you don’t need them to duplicate again and again limit their food. 

So if you need to breed it will be very easy, but if you don’t need them to repeat that can be difficult.

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